07 June 2004

Now that summer is here (sort of)

Okay, I know we have limited summers here in NY. And I know you want to make the most of every weekend. Fine. But do all of you pretentious 'I weekend in the Hamptons' people have to come home during Monday morning rush hour? You're fucking up the Expressway for us regulars. You're already late for work, can't you leave Westhampton after 9? Do you have to ball things up for the rest of us? Better yet, leave Sunday night. I'm tired of putting up with you hungover, half-drunk morons who can't get a grip on driving at 7 a.m. I got shit to do.

Speaking of that, our fucking inspection machine finally got fixed Friday evening. Guess what we did all day? That's not counting 3 idiots who had shit towed in because they broke it on the weekend. Oy, just another Monday in the car business. Of course, we rose to the occasion as we always do.

Ed Update: Not So Dead Ed stopped in for a couple hours today and we even got his lazy ass to answer the phone. He's almost back to his usual belligerent self. He told me to go fuck myself a couple times so I know he's feeling better. He still can't drive (it's only a fucking pacemaker for Christ's sake), but I'm looking into a bus ticket for him. I'm tired of doing paperwork.

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