30 December 2009


Here of late I've been digitizing my old photos. Here's some taken by Mrs. G at Adelanto Raceway in the late '70s.

Even with monkey Pat as far out as he can get, Larry's got the hack wheel in the air:

Click photos to embiggen

Lonnie off the line! Note his clutch and throttle control.He's not kickin' up much dirt with his rear wheel, and there's daylight under his front wheel. That's called 'hooked up'. He probably won:

Chuck 'Feets' Minert, for many years one of SoCal's best scrambles riders and factory BSA motocross rider on his ancient but fast BSA Catalina Scrambler:

My pal Sluggo (couldn't find a link to Wanted Posters). He once borrowed my 500 Triumph single, went out and trophied on it, and said it was the easiest bike to ride he'd ever rode. Grrrr...:

Pretty cool pics, huh?

Of course, when moi flies by, I'm so fast that everything but my plumber's crack outran her. Thanks a pile for making part of me famous, honey. I have no idea why I had a pencil in my pocket.

More like this later. You may run screaming into the woods at the thought now.

18 December 2009

Since ...

Honda pays a lot of bills in the Fixer house, I figured I'd show their new commercial. If you're a Rube Goldberg fan like me, you'll love it, commercialism aside.

Vid stolen from Atrios.

15 December 2009

Very Scary

Either this guy has balls of Tungsten or he is insane.
Check out this photographer snapping pictures as an out of control dragster slams the barrier at full throttle inches away from him.

Notice the concrete being shaved off the barrier and the wheel spinning.

More pictures and the full story here.