30 April 2005

27 April 2005

Road test

We just picked up the Mrs.' new Explorer a couple weeks ago and today is the first I've driven it in inclement weather. It's equipped with the new AdvanceTrac RSC:

Let’s face it, we all occasionally find ourselves in difficult driving situations. Ford proudly offers AdvanceTrac® with industry-exclusive Roll Stability Control™ (RSC), to help make those situations less difficult. With its technologically advanced capabilities, RSC seamlessly helps reduce the risk of losing vehicle control. AdvanceTrac® with RSC is a new, smarter, safer system, which gives you greater driving control and peace of mind when you get behind the wheel in any driving situation.

AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™ is standard on Explorer, and available on Expedition.

Now, I'm not one to have a computer help me drive. I don't use cruise control so having an active suspension was something I looked at skeptically. The Mrs. drove it to Philly and back on business and loved the way it handled, but being in the business I have to see for myself. We'll keep it.

It's especially noticable on an off-camber turn (car leans away from the direction you're turning). It was a really cool feeling as I dove into one on an exit ramp (a sweeping right) at highway speed, the left rear stiffening up and the right front softening to keep the body almost level. Never touched the brake. Did I mention it was a driving rain? The All Wheel Drive pulled it through without a slip. Outstanding. I think they also added more nut to the 4.6L V-8 too. She just starts breathing at 85.

25 April 2005

Is it me?

Or does Kirstie Alley look better with a little extra weight on? Hope she don't lose too much.

19 April 2005

Just a point

Just so we have the mechanic-customer relationship right. You don't 'let' me work on your car. You'll be happy I 'agree' to work on it. Got that? There's a lot of broken cars out there and I don't need yours to pay the bills. You ain't doing me any favors bringing the thing to me. Take it to somebody else who thinks it is a privilege to work on your broken down piece of shit. Thank you. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.