30 May 2007

Surveying the damage ...

Light blogging today. Gotta get myself pretty. Tonight we'll see how badly we've fucked Sam the Intern up. We're all heading off to the high school at 7, where she has to give a 30 minute presentation on what she's learned after spending 6 months with us, supposedly learning something of the automotve trade.

Hopefully, she doesn't tell the truth. Heh ...


Her presentation was fantastic. She didn't say she learned how to say "pay up and get the fuck out" or "suck my ass, tell someone who gives a fuck" so that was good. The judges gave her an 88 and we're all proud of her. She learned more than I thought she did.

Her mom already emailed me pics. Heh ...

27 May 2007

Buckle Up!

Two-thirds of us will be traveling by car this holiday weekend. Listen to the Governor. He knows what he's talking about.

Great thanks to the lovely Pam Spaulding for the video.

24 May 2007

Big cats 2

Click to embiggen.

So we got the fuel pump done yesterday afternoon in Mrs. Indian's Jaguar. The Indian asked me to road test it today (we get anal about our own shit when we work on it so we don't road test our own; when I work on one of mine, the Indian road tests).

Putting 20 miles on it, highway and around town, I almost forgot why I hate working on them. What a beautiful car to drive (always happens when I drive a Jag. I get out and say "I gotta get one of these" and then I remember I hate working on them). Only one problem I found, a bit of a shimmy that starts at 65 and goes away around 93. Don't think Mrs. I will notice. Heh ...

23 May 2007


I just realized this blog turned 3 yesterday!!!! Yay us!!!!

Big cats

I hate Jaguars. I mean, I think Jaguar makes some of the most beautiful cars in the business, the classic lines are always in style. I hate working on them. I've hated working on them since the first time I ever worked on one. We don't take them in at the shop. If someone comes in with a Jag, we send them up the street to the Screamin' Guinea Nunzio. Nunz'll work on any fucking thing. The most I do on a Jag is a NY State Vehicle Emissions and Safety Inspection. Won't even turn a wrench on one. Harry hates working on them. Indian hates working on them. In fact, I know most of the guys at the local Jaguar dealership hate working on them.


Mrs. Indian drives a Jag and her electric fuel pump shit itself. Guess what we did this afternoon?

El Caddymino

My sis-in-law tipped us off to a new pizza joint that was having an opening day $7.50 all-you-can-eat special. It's in the same shopping center as her son-in-law's supermarket. This rig was in the parking lot. I love El Caminos, so I couldn't resist taking the pics. I think I want one of these. The asking price is $12,500. The guy'll probably get it. It looked nicely done.

The pizza was damn good too. After I had 'all-I-could-eat', I hope they can afford to open up for their second day (burp)...

16 May 2007

Where I work* ...

So, I'm setting a cylinder head on the block in a T-bird and the little tramp Sam sneaks up on me, draws a smiley face on my arm and packs my t-shirt into my navel while my hands are occupied. God we've fucked that kid up.

*Part of an ongoing, semi-regular series.

11 May 2007

Brough Superior

I like English motorcycles, and I like old motorcycles. Here's a video of both. Sub-titles added for your convenience.

The Brough Superior is an extremely rare machine and the remaining examples are mainly in the hands of rich collectors, God bless 'em. The rarest of them all is any one that Lawrence of Arabia didn't get killed on!

02 May 2007

Where I work* ...

I taught Samantha how to drive standard shift today (it was slow this afternoon) and she didn't even burn up the clutch in my Ranger.

*Part of an ongoing, semi-regular series.