03 March 2006

A squealing tire is a happy tire

Here's an article in the LATimes about "drifting". There's video as well.

The kids love this shit, but there's nothin' new about mashin' on the foot-feed and goin' sideways.

Ferrari Follow-up

There's stuff coming out about the crash in the previous post that's kinda fun and mysterious. From the LATimes:

The trail leads to a nonprofit operating out of a Monrovia repair shop. More puzzling is its police force and 'anti-terrorism' unit.

A few minutes after the crash, two unidentified men arrived at the scene, flashing badges and saying they were from "homeland security," according to Sheriff's Department officials.

Deputies allowed the men into the accident scene, where they spoke to Stefan Eriksson before leaving, Sgt. Phil Brooks said.

Sheriff's officials on Thursday said they now want to question them.

Heh. I'll just bet they do! Go read it.

This "homeland security" deal is turning into an all-purpose scam, huh? One of these days we're gonna hear about two guys who go into a convenience store: "We're from 'homeland security'. In the interest of national security, give us all your money."


Having just said that, then I saw this. Damn, I'm good!