18 November 2009

Then And Now


2010 Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing

That thing looks Bad Assed.

07 November 2009

Check This Out

I cracked up just reading the name of this place.

That Will Buff Out.

It's a virtual "Glad that wasn't me" experience.
Although, I do resemble a few of those experiences, thankfully not this one,

H/T to our other Blog Buddy, Just An Earth Bound Misfit, I.

04 November 2009

Before you die ...

In a runaway Toyota, SHUT. THE. FUCKING. CAR. OFF!


The 2009 Lexus ES 350 shot through suburban San Diego like a runaway missile, weaving at 120 miles an hour through rush hour freeway traffic as flames flashed from under the car.

At the wheel, veteran California Highway Patrol Officer Mark Saylor desperately tried to control the 272-horsepower engine that was roaring at full throttle as his wife, teenage daughter and brother-in-law were gripped by fear.


That's all. Turn the fucking key and the engine stops, and you coast to the side safely. WTF? Is this so hard?

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03 November 2009

What is it with Krauts and sidecars in the desert?

This is what happens when ya listen to Grampa's tales of his motorcycling adventures in North Africa in '42...

Thanks to Winterbiker, Germany.

01 November 2009

Oil Bath

Every old Britbike came standard with one or at least had one sometime during its life, but I never knew there was a patent on it! Norton must have made a lot of money on this over the years from licensing fees and royalties...

Norton's 1949 500 ohv single.

Thanks to 828cc, UK. Lotsa short clips of cool old rides.