30 December 2004

I love Long Island

The hot dog stand was located in a local parking lot, but police took that camper into custody along with the two women who were allegedly dishing out a lot more than hot dogs.

[. . .]

This morning, local business owners and neighbors are finding it hard to believe. Many here had no idea the two women running this ordinary hot dog stand in Baldwin were serving up more than the average fare.

[. . .]

Dep. Insp. Rick Capece: "When they {customers] were served the hot dog, the female behind the counter offered for money to expose part of her body. She then made an offer to perform a masterbatory act for the officer and then there was an offer made at a later time, another employee would be there to perform oral sexual act."

[. . .]

From WABC.

Ain't NY wonderful? BJ and a hot dog, please.

25 December 2004

Merry Christmas

Have a merry, happy, holiday season. All the best in the new year. Make a resolution to change your oil a little more regularly.

21 December 2004

New Yorkers . . . oy!

It's 6 fucking degrees outside with a 20 mph wind, and you're camped out on the street in the Bronx for Yankees tickets? And they say I'm crazy? You should see these fucking people.

17 December 2004


Don't wanna go in to work this morning. Just was looking at the local news and what do I see? Two of the kids from the neighborhood are in critical condition with massive head injuries. 7 of 'em packed into a Jeep Liberty (the parents' car) and they lost control and slammed into a tree at excessive speed. They were ejected. Now, I saw a picture of the car (yeesh) and if it's who I think it is . . . well, if there is a God, listen to me for once. I remember when these kids were born, their folks have been customers of Harry's for 25 years. It's gonna be a sad day. I recognized the place where they went in; it's on the shore road that winds around the marinas. Have I mentioned we've had a cold snap?

Parents, please, especially at this time of year, think twice about letting your kids take the car. Ask them where they're going and what they're doing. For two families, the holiday season will always be associated with this. Who the fuck made the law that allows teens to drive when they're 16? Jesus H. Christ.

I'm still looking for the link. Probably have one this afternoon.

Update: 14:15:


16 December 2004

Heh . . .

Had a cold snap over the last couple days. Real cold. Seems all the cheap bastids out there who didn't want a new battery when I told 'em they'd need one at the last service are calling for the last two mornings, needing a jump. What, now you're late for work? Like the old Fram commercial said, 'you can pay me now or you can pay me later'.

The Big Apple 500?

From Fox Sports:
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - International Speedway Corp. has paid $100 million to buy land in Staten Island to build a New York City track.

The land near the Goethals Bridge would house a three-quarter-mile track with 80,000 seats and a 50-acre group of nationally known stores. ICS officials said a New York developer, Related Retail Corp., will hold a minority stake in the venture

A short track? In Noo Yalk? Cool.

The only difference will be that they'll say "tye-ahs' instead of 'tars'.

15 December 2004

Good, bad, & ugly

Not necessarily in that order.

Would you let these men near your daughter? Probably not, but it would be smart to let them look at your car. L to R: Indian, Harry, The F-man.

13 December 2004

Custom Deluxe

Readers of The Alternate Brain know about my deal with the power surge that went through my house a couple weeks back (here and here).

Well, things are in the works. I still don't have my computer up, but the Mrs. has her new microwave and we replaced the TVs and VCRs. There's still more, but slowly but surely . . .

Anyway, Saturday morning, we picked up a VCR/DVD recorder to replace the VCRs. It's a nice unit (RCA) and the remote works the TV also. Fine. Now, our bedroom is custom, to say the least. The entire room looks as if you're under a leg of the Eiffel Tower. I did all the work myself. Not to brag, but it makes my point. The entertaiment center (also self-built) is part of the 'steelwork'. Unfortunately, with the old VCR gone and the new one having a DVD, I didn't need the old DVD player in there. Fine. Seems the new one didn't fit in the slot for either of the old units.

So, this weekend was spent rebuilding the 'leg of the tower' to accommodate the new equipment. Then there were other things I did 'while I was in there' (painting etc). Ya know, while getting new stuff is nice, the hassle ain't worth it. My old shit worked just fine. Today, after work, I gotta take my computer to a guy to determine whether it's fixable. Hopefully it is, so I can get all my stuff out of it. All my vacation pics for the last 10 years are on it, along with some important documents. Oy!!!

Now, if only the new waterbed heater arrives soon so we can get out of the guest bedroom. After sleeping on the pullout couch for 2 weeks now, I've been calling everyone who's ever stayed over here to apologize for the shitty night's sleep.