30 December 2004

I love Long Island

The hot dog stand was located in a local parking lot, but police took that camper into custody along with the two women who were allegedly dishing out a lot more than hot dogs.

[. . .]

This morning, local business owners and neighbors are finding it hard to believe. Many here had no idea the two women running this ordinary hot dog stand in Baldwin were serving up more than the average fare.

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Dep. Insp. Rick Capece: "When they {customers] were served the hot dog, the female behind the counter offered for money to expose part of her body. She then made an offer to perform a masterbatory act for the officer and then there was an offer made at a later time, another employee would be there to perform oral sexual act."

[. . .]

From WABC.

Ain't NY wonderful? BJ and a hot dog, please.