27 August 2011

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

Note: When I hooked my desktop back up I musta skipped something because I have no audio, so I posted this without being able to hear it. Lemme know if it plays OK or not.

Thanks to DrBlindopolis.

07 August 2011

Geritol Trial

The more detail-oriented among you might notice that I am not riding the same motorcycle I started my trials career on. This is a late night quickie and I will explain later.

My wife took some little dabs of videos of me at today's Geritol Vintage-Beginner Trial at the SactoPITS property in the Sierra Nevada east of Sacramento. I strung 'em together. Look at this as an old fart having fun trying a new sport. I've been riding dirt and street for over 50 years and thought I knew how to ride a bike 'til I tried this. Heh.