28 March 2007

"A bike that could turn an abstinent Catholic schoolgirl into a nymphomaniac!"

LATimes. Video.

THE Ducati 1098 S is so slick, so fast, so Elite Model beautiful that saints with sinner inclinations should beware.

Ducati's new red-hot superbike is trouble.

For the single month the 1098 S has been available to media, about half of the press fleet has been dented or crashed. [...]

During the two days I had the bike, I didn't find much occasion to go slow, aside from the time I was stuck behind a beat-up pickup truck on my first run through Azusa Canyon. Being forced to go slow behind that pickup was probably a good intro to the 1098 S. One twist of the grip in a straightaway and I was practically teleported into the upcoming turn. It's that fast and flawless on the accel. As I rode up and down Azusa Canyon, then up and down it again, and again and again until my gas light flickered on and a fleet of cops sped by with what appeared to be dollar signs reflecting in their sunglasses, I was alternately shocked and euphoric at the bike's power and grace.

"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" has never seemed less relevant. [...]

Probably the least practical bike on the planet, but this sled ain't about practical, folks. It's all about state-of-the-art blinding red Italian sex!

Mamma Mia!

23 March 2007

Seriously ...

Since I had fun at their expense yesterday, I figured I'd introduce ya.

Click to embiggen

l to r: Indian, Sam, PDB, Fixer, Harry

22 March 2007

That's wrecked, that's ruined ...

Well, it seems the annoying blanket ass Indian found this blog. I hadn't told the idiots my esteemed colleagues about F & G so I could say any fucking thing I please nice things about the people I work with and they wouldn't know what I really think about them I wouldn't embarrass them. I said nice things about the little tramp Samantha, and the old dinosaur Harry over the years and I hope they don't think I'm getting maudlin. I even said nice things about that batshit crazy nitwit PDB, something I certainly wouldn't want him to know. Now that's all out the window. Now I'll never hear the end of it from those assholes my cohorts, all happy to know that I don't really give a fuck how close I feel to them.

Heh ...

16 March 2007

The Perfect Car

Super Duke

Throttle Jockette Susan Carpenter of the LATimes with a review and video of the KTM 990 Super Duke:

THINK KTM, and a couple of words spring to mind:



Not only has the renowned Austrian manufacturer of navel-orange dirt bikes dominated the prestigious Dakar Rally for seven straight years, it's giving the Japanese a run for their money in motocross, supercross, super-moto and every other two-wheeled off-road sport.

The Super Duke is KTM's first stab at a pure street bike. Knowing them, they'll pull it off just fine. Austrians, you know.

Go read and watch. The bike is kinda pricey, but F & G brings you nothing but the finest. I sorta have a lust on for KTMs. The Super Duke is a nice bike, but if I had my choice it would be the 990 Adventure because it's more back-road capable and the styling's more to my taste. What I'd really like is for 'em to hang some lights on the 950 Super Enduro R...

Note to Ms. Carpenter: shitcan the music in the video and let us hear the engine, and what the hell are you doing putting Shell gas in a nice bike like that? Ya tryin' ta melt it? I wouldn't put Shell in my leaf-blower!

Yes, BadTux, we know you love that old KLR. :)

06 March 2007

A Well-Rounded Motorbike

I may have found a sled for Fixer! The term 'arrested landing' comes to mind!

The engine is a new 7 cylinder, 110HP radial aircraft engine out of Australia by Rotec. Good site for round motor freaks like me - sights and sounds. I bookmarked it under 'motorcycles'. Heh.

More at The Kneeslider.

What got me going on this was I got my new copy of Cycle World yesterday, and there was a radial-engined bike on the cover by West Coast Choppers. Not the one in the picture above. CW doesn't have a picture of it on line, but there appears to be more than one of these crazy things.

One thing that struck me kind of funny is that WCC had to take the power off the rear of the engine instead of the front and then turn it sideways to turn the gearbox. They thought they knew which direction the engine turned, but when they got all done they fired it up, put it in gear, and went backwards. Oops. Back to the ol' drawing board! From the magazine article, it apparently runs just fine, is easy to ride, and real fast.

I think I'd be real careful about splittin' lanes, though!

05 March 2007

NYC Fire Hydrant - 1 Mrs. F - 0

Ouch! She got crowded by a city bus from the left, avoided him but snagged a fireplug on the other side. Thankfully she wasn't hurt. It's going into the body shop tomorrow. $4100 by the way.

Click to embiggen.

Let's see how that little Toyota pickemup (see post below) takes one of these. Heh ...

03 March 2007

A little good-natured brand rivalry

An '06 Toyota at Pismo Beach:

To be fair, I also found a video of a Toyota being pulled out of a ditch at Pismo after its idiot driver leaped before he looked, but I didn't wanta post that one!