06 March 2007

A Well-Rounded Motorbike

I may have found a sled for Fixer! The term 'arrested landing' comes to mind!

The engine is a new 7 cylinder, 110HP radial aircraft engine out of Australia by Rotec. Good site for round motor freaks like me - sights and sounds. I bookmarked it under 'motorcycles'. Heh.

More at The Kneeslider.

What got me going on this was I got my new copy of Cycle World yesterday, and there was a radial-engined bike on the cover by West Coast Choppers. Not the one in the picture above. CW doesn't have a picture of it on line, but there appears to be more than one of these crazy things.

One thing that struck me kind of funny is that WCC had to take the power off the rear of the engine instead of the front and then turn it sideways to turn the gearbox. They thought they knew which direction the engine turned, but when they got all done they fired it up, put it in gear, and went backwards. Oops. Back to the ol' drawing board! From the magazine article, it apparently runs just fine, is easy to ride, and real fast.

I think I'd be real careful about splittin' lanes, though!

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