04 January 2007

You can buy his stuff, but you can't buy his cool...

Juvenile delinquent, Marine, oil-field roughneck, lumberjack, actor, producer, motorcycle racer, sports car driver, pilot, Steve McQueen was the undisputed King of Cool.

Recently, Steve McQueen's estate held an auction of his stuff. It went for absolutely amazing prices. From Cycle World magazine:

Too rich for ya? Then how about a T-shirt "heavily worn and faded with holes and rips throughout" for $3250? Or maybe one of the man's baseball caps, old and crumbling, for $2500? If McQueen sweat in it, it was worth money (my em).

Good article, different than in the dead tree edition that led me here. Go see pictures of him in action, his stuff, and the price list.

You know, I met Steve when I worked at Bud Ekins' Triumph shop. I guess some of my cool rubbed off on him...

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