26 January 2007


So, it being the coldest day in 18 months here on Long Island, I had 6 customers call me before 7:30 needing a jump (most of whom I told to replace their batteries months ago). So I'm making the rounds, stopping at everybody's house and getting them started. On my 3rd stop (an old Russian lady who drives this worn out old Toyota) I jump her car and slide in the driver's seat to back it out the way of her husband's car. As I slide into the worn out, threadbare seat, I feel one of the exposed hog rings grab the back of my pants, under the left cheek, and before I could stop myself, it tore all the way up to my belt. Did I mention it was 8 degrees with a wind chill of -5? So here I got three more stops before I can get back to the shop. Let's just say I had one cold ass (I don't wear long johns) by the time I got back. One good thing, we have 200 mph NASCAR tape at the shop. Taped it up and was good to go. Heh ...

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