20 February 2011

Re: Daytona

Who in Hell thought "pairs racing" was a good idea? That's racing? I'll give 'em this, in 45 years I ain't seen nothing like it. The last few laps should be interesting.


That's wrecked, that's ruined. Heh ...

Update (Monday):

Arguing with my buddy Noonan on Facebook about this ... whatever they call that race.

Personally, I thought the race was a joke. Cars running around in pairs for 500 miles ain't racing in my book. It's who can make the best bargain in the push/pull negotiations.

Then too, to take nothing away from the kid's talent or the Wood Bros. (their record speaks for itself), I'd offer that were it not for the "drafting" causing the wrecks that took out the real threats (Gordon, Johnson, Kyle Bush, Little E, etc) the outcome would have been quite different.

17 February 2011

One pass down the driveway

The 280cc mill is working hard in snow this deep. Not as hard as I would be if I had to use a shovel.

One pass down my driveway to show how well the Honda 928 handles snow as deep as it is.

If the excitement is too much for you, search for "watching paint dry".

12 February 2011

Eye Candy & Strange Music

Bu İngiliz motorsikletlerine ait bir slayt gösterisidir.

Oh sure, easy for you to say...

Thanks to thunderbird979, Safranbolu, Turkey.

11 February 2011

Whadda da fucka?

Don't look like any F-150 I ever seen:

Ford Motor Co. is suing Ferrari SpA for trademark infringement after the Italian exotic-car maker named its new Formula 1 racing car the F150. Ford says the car’s name comes too close to that of its longtime top-selling vehicle the F-150 pickup truck. Ford filed the suit in federal court in Detroit.


Does it look like yours, Nucks? Heh ...