10 July 2011

Cannibal Cruise '11

Here are a few photos from today's Cannibal Cruise at Truckee River Regional Park three blocks from my house. We got there a little early while a good many of the cars were out on a Poker Run so I can only ass-yoom that none of these run. Cough. Missed the burnout contest too, but I'm opposed to those anyway on the grounds that they're wasteful and toxic. I don't like it when the NASCAR winners do it either. Why can't they just jump up and down and drill a ball inta the ground or sumthin'?

What car shows are all about. The only photo you really need.

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The obligatory '55 Chevy photo or Mrs. G won't talk to me. Her first car was a 210 like this one.

"Oh yeah, dude, we hadda lower it so it's easier ta get the stuff outta the back, man..."

Here's the mural on the side:

A Ford I could live with.

Proper positioning of yer rod is important to impress the judges.

The trophies were on display. Even as far from the ocean as you can get and still be in California, the surfer and woody theme is popular. The painting is of a popular view of Truckee from Hilltop looking across the Truckee River toward downtown.

Always wanted me one'a these Meskin cowboy hats. They had 'em at the car show. Mrs. G got a floppy straw sun hat exactly like she's wanted for a long time but she's camera shy.


I stand corrected. Mrs. G is not camera shy at all and so informed me just before she let my arm untwist so I could work the camera.

07 July 2011

Lovely ...

Bad enough most people can't handle an automobile in 2 dimensions (left and right), now we're gonna let them drive in a 3rd (up and down)? Nothing good can come of this.