24 October 2010

Un- Real

This is one tough little bastard of a truck.

They ran it into a tree, submerged it in the ocean for five hours , hit it with a wrecking ball, dropped it, dropped a trailer on it and even set the damn thing on fire, and it still ran.

16 October 2010

Crater Camp

Nice little write-up (no can c&p) on a place I almost remember from my youth from Elrod Racing. Others too. The way it used to be. Sigh.

Crater Camp from Elrod Racing on Vimeo.

15 October 2010

How I Wished I Could Have Been There

Blogger seems to be fucked up as usual.
One hundred years of Indy cars all lined up at the starting line. From 1911 to the present.

How awesome would that be to see?


Copy and paste the link, commence drooling in 5, 4, 3. 2, 1....

11 October 2010

Kraut Cup Trial

This trial came to my attention when I thought the trials season was over. My third trial and my best one yet!

I rode 11 sections, or slightly over one loop, the farthest I've made it in one of these events so far. I'm happy about that.

I figured out it's best if I don't ride any more after I realize I'm tired to the point where my concentration and judgment lapse, which is when Bad Things Happen. As a result, I didn't fall off this time. A first in my trials career! I'm happy about that.

One of the reasons, I'm sure, that I did better is that I'm starting to relax at the helm a little. I'm getting more comfortable with the bike and am heading for the point I need to be at, somewhere between "Bend The Handlebars Hang On For Dear Life" and "Thumb And Forefinger Barely Touching The Handgrip", although my "HotHotHotDeathGrip" has caused the firmly-glued-on left handgrip to move almost an inch to the right! Heh.

In my three trials, I have improved a little at a time. The learning curve may have eased off the vertical a point or two. I've learned a lot about trials-specific riding techniques that are WAY different from what I'm used to, and all manner of little details that will pay off next season.

At this trial, Mrs. G didn't feel like taking any videos and that's fine. She played with the dogs a lot (they love the PITS property and all the people!) but managed to trudge to five of the sections to watch me. She got two still photos.

She says I went by too fast in this one, something I've rarely been accused of in my racing career! I'm glad my hands are visible or it would've looked like I've figured out how to balance the bike well enough to take a leak behind a tree whilst still mounted! When I get to that point, there WILL be video! Heh.

Click photos to embiggen

This one is pretty typical of the terrain. Mrs. G loves rocks! You can see the red and blue "split" markers that show riders of different skill levels which path to take through the section. That's me in the center, blue jersey, red helmet, walking the section (all the riders do that) and trying to talk some rocks into moving aside a little. It didn't work.

All in all a pretty good end for my first season. I'm looking forward to next year.