01 June 2004

Indians, well one in particular

For anyone this matters to. My dear friend and colleague in auto repair, the Indian I speak of frequently and fondly, is a Native-American Indian, Cherokee to be exact. He's also part Polish so that explains a few things too. Oh, and for those it matters to, fuck you, it shouldn't matter at all.

Ed Update: Almost Dead Ed went into surgery around noon and I haven't heard anything since. If you're the praying type, say a little one for him.

Harry wants to wire a dial into Ed's chest so we can kick up the pacemaker when we need some entertainment. Shit, I figure we save the trouble and zap him with the battery charger. "Come on, Ed, breakdance!" Zzzzzt! Don't look at me like that, Ed's a tough guy, he can take it. Shit, if I had a pacemaker I'd be trying make it do cool stuff. "Hey, baby, watch this!" Zzzzzt and shoot sparks out of my ass. I'm sure Mrs. F would get a kick out of it. Maybe use house current and try to get me one of them 4-hour erections you get with Cialis. Zzzzzt, and not only can I service Mrs. F but also hammer in the loose nails on the deck.

Ah well, enough stupidity. Talk to you later.

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