21 June 2004

A bright spot

Remember when I spoke about actual cooperation between Isrelis and Arabs?

Too bad you don't hear more of this. From The Head Heeb.

More quiet cooperation

Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan's first private university, wants to open a branch in Israel. Maher Hurani, the university's owner, evidently hopes that an influx of Israeli Arab students - and possibly Jews as well - will make up for the 500 Syrians who have threatened to resign if the Israel branch is built.

Details here.

I posted that on 2 June and today The Head Heeb has more good news on this front.

Maher Hurani, the owner of Al-Ahliyya and a Jordanian millionaire of Palestinian descent, has put together an organizing team that consists of Israeli Arab businessmen and both Arab and Jewish professors. The designated president of the Israeli branch will be Eitan Ben-Tzur, a former director-general of the Israeli foreign ministry, and much of the financing and planning will come from Nizar and Annan Darawshe, who have long-standing connections in the Jordanian business world.

It does my heart good to hear this. Read the whole story.

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Anonymous said...

Maher Hurani for Prime Minister of Palestine?

Jonathan Edelstein