28 June 2004


President Clueless is in Turkey for the NATO summit. Democratic Veteran's take on it here:

And oooh, baby, are they happy about that...heading out to the NATO summit, Preznit Going to Turkee is facing a group of our bestest international friends, who, after three years of drooling, idiotic foreign policy he has turned into, well...sorta not-friends of his anyhow.

Having spent a good portion of my life living in Europe, I learned one thing. The Euros have LONG memories. (Just ask my old aunt, who remembers EVERYTHING I did as a kid and brings it up at every opportunity.) Does the Nitwit in Chief think they'll just forget about all that nastiness at the U.N. before we went to war in Iraq? For the rest of his Presidency, Bush will get squat from Europe. Well, off to the mines.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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