20 June 2004


Mrs. F reminds me that she is not going to Atlantic City on Monday, but to Princeton, N.J. All I know is that I'll have to sleep alone that night. After waking up next to the Mrs. for close to fifteen years, I find I have trouble sleeping when she's away on business. It especially sucks when she's gone for a week at a time, but hey, that's life. She is good at what she does and I support her 100% in her career endeavors. Even if it means her riding on the NYC Subway system and working right across the street from Ground Zero (World Financial Center). Gives me the willies when I think about watching the 2nd plane hit the tower and the flaming engine blow right past her window. I thought I lost her that day and I sorely wanted to put my foot down and force her to find a job somewhere closer to home. It's a good thing I didn't. Her company moved to Ft. Lee, N.J. for 6 months while they rebuilt the place, and I saw the difference in my wife as soon as they went back to WFC. The deperession and funk she was in after 9/11 seemed to lift instantly. She was back in her element, the pointy end, it's what makes her the woman I love. My wife needs to be at the Crossroads of the World, and she thrives on the pressure of the place. Wall Street, the Financial Center, and all that comes with it is her strength, the place she draws her energy from, the place that allows her to shine. As they say, 'if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere'. Not only do I love her more than anything else, but I am also proud of her professionalism, intelligence, and competence. I knew she was capable of greatness when I met her, but she has far exceeded anything I could have dreamt. And the best thing is that she still puts up with me. I'm a lucky dude.

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