22 June 2004

With friends like these

From the Asia Times:

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: Grim choices
By Ehsan Ahrari

America's two major allies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, "played important roles in the growth of al-Qaeda". That is one of the themes filtering out of the information provided by members of the 9-11 Commission in Washington to the American media on a background basis. The brunt of this support or acquiescence, according to those members, existed before the terrorist attacks of 2001.

The troubling aspect of that information is that these members - basing their information from all the information that they have acquired from various classified sources - are claiming that support or acquiescence for al-Qaeda in both those Muslim countries existed even in 2003, more in Saudi Arabia than in Pakistan. The unstated aspect of these contentious assertions is that both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have now turned against al-Qaeda and their hardline Islamist supporters, when those elements threatened the very survival of the two regimes.

Details here.

Who needs fucking enemies?

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