25 June 2004


President Numbnuts is in Ireland. If I give 'em a hundred bucks and a pint, will they keep him? Fucking idiot. I can't believe this moron represents our country to the world.

Ah well, got a lot of shit to do. Some serious partying going on tomorrow. The boys I work with and their wives will be over for a barbecue. Well, that's if the weather nitwit is right. I gotta clean the patio furniture and get some shit together today so I'm not scrambling in the morning.

NASCAR is in Sonoma this week. Yawn. I hate road races, don't give a shit who wins, won't watch it. Ain't no way you should take a bunch of clowns who make nothing but left turns and throw 'em some rights. All they do is tear up good equipment.

I'm off. Have a good night.

Pleasant dreams.

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