20 June 2004

Thinking with the little head

As Maureen Dowd explains, both Clinton and Bush are guilty of it, only Bill's little willy never got anybody killed. Well, Hillary might have wanted to kill him while he slept, but 800 troops didn't die because Monica blew him.

The Clinton alpha instinct on Monica, fueled by a heady cocktail of testosterone and opportunism, was the same one that led W. into his march of folly with Iraq. After 9/11, the president, vice president and secretary of defense wanted to go to the Middle East and knock the stuffing out of somebody bad — because it would feel good, because it would put our enemies on notice, and because it would make the president look strong.

Go read it here.

BTW, Mrs. F just walked out of the shower so now I'm beginning to think with my little head.

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