28 June 2004

The wheels are coming off

Yes, the wheels are coming off the Dubya wagon. At least, Cheney is acting that way. From Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo:

Certainly, Cheney and his partisans deserve the knuckle-rapping they're now getting. And it's entertaining to watch avatars of dignity, good order and responsibility like Bill Frist and the folks over at the White House call Cheney's antics good clean fun and politics as usual.

But for those who have few good things to say about the vice-president, I think, the correct response is less outrage than the sort of grim (or perhaps not so grim) satisfaction one feels when malign character unwittingly reveals himself to a larger audience. Because even if Cheney "felt better" after his outburst, this wasn't a show of strength but one of desperation or, perhaps, impatient impotence.

Details here.

Well, I'm done. I got the toilet unclogged and the bathroom cleaned, and then I took a long, hot shower. I'm tired and I have to get my dog in and pick up Mrs. F at the station. Have a good night.

Pleasant dreams.

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