19 June 2004


A lot of running around to do today and I'm doing something I rarely do, wash cars. I never used to wash the junk I drove around in, the dirt kept them together, and Mrs. F's Explorers are leased, so I give a shit if I send them back dirty. But since I got my new truck this week, and I want it to last, and it's white (Why the fuck did I buy a white one?), I have to wash it regularly. Mrs. F wants her Explorer clean too, since she's going to a business meeting in Atlantic City on Monday, and I haven't washed it since we got it 2 years ago August. I figure I should since I've been using the shit out of it after blowing up the transmission in my Taurus.

So that's my morning. I haven't watched or read any news yet and it's sorta nice. I'll be ranting and raving later I'm sure, but now it's nice to just enjoy being outside and disconnect from the world. Well, cigarette break's over, back to work.

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