24 June 2004

This is just sad

I lifted this from South Knox Bubba:

First in acid rain!
Thursday June 24, 2004

Smokies most polluted national park in America:
Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been designated once again as the most-polluted national park in America.

The report also concludes that views that should range from 80 to 117 miles average only 20 miles in the summer. The Park, according to the conservation groups, also records the highest acid precipitation levels of all monitored national parks.

"Three of the five most-polluted national parks are situated fairly near to and downwind from clusters of power plants," said Appalachian Voices Chairman Harvard Ayers in a press release. "Between the power plants and parks are towns where people breathe the same polluted air."

Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia were number two and three respectively. Gee, I wonder which cluster of power plants they could be talking about?

If you've ever been out Bubba's way, you know how beautiful his corner of the world is. I've been priveliged to drive through there many times when heading home on leave and it's sad to see this land spoiled thanks to bureaucratic mismanagement. You can thank the Tennessee Valley Authority for this fiasco.

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