25 June 2004

You don't know Dick

Why do guys named Richard want to be called 'Dick'? Do you want to be a dick? Do you like being identified as dick? Do you look like a dick? Do you suck dick? Are you a fucking dick?

My name's been Richard all my life and I never, repeat never, wanted to be called 'Dick'. People who took liberties and called me Dick for whatever reason were soon corrected. What the fuck are you guys thinking?

Duh, hi, I'm Dick. Think about it boys. Richard, Richie, Rick, Rich, call me anything but dick. Unless I'm actually being a dick, of course.

Happy Friday!

Update 16:00: Just going over my posts for the past twenty four hours and I noticed the subject of dick has come up (pun?) a lot. Think I have a penis fixation lately?

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