30 June 2004

Run away

Well the Thais are the next ones out of Iraq. The Coalition of the Billing, er, Willing is fraying. Via Melanie at Just a Bump in the Beltway:

From Australian Broadcasting Corporation
By South-East Asia correspondent Peter Lloyd

Thailand will begin withdrawing military forces from Iraq tomorrow.

When the Thai Government agreed to send 450 engineers and medics on a one-year deployment last September, the US touted Thailand as one of the "coalition of the willing".

Thai officials have been insisting that the troops will see out their mission, despite calls for their withdrawal after two Thai soldiers were killed in a car bombing last December.

However, the Government has now announced that a phased withdrawal of military hardware and some troops will start from Thursday.

A Defence Ministry official said the decision did not reverse Thailand's one-year commitment but he refused to specify how many troops would remain in Iraq until September.

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra says Thai troops will be brought home sooner if attacks on foreigners worsen.

Another one bites the dust, and NATO still doesn't want any part of sending troops there. So where is Bush gonna go now? Who knows, but I guess I should get my blue Class A uniform out of mothballs and to the dry cleaners, huh? Do you think Air Force Special Operations has an opening for a 42 year old ex-forward air controller with a bum hip? Fucking assholes.

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