23 June 2004

Our children and their murderers

Lifted this from Democratic Veteran. Read it here.

Snapshot of a lie

This is what it looks like. Today. The numbers can't go down any more than the lies can be put back in Preznit Dental Appointment's face.

Of the 842 U.S. service members who have died in Iraq since the invasion 15 months ago, 622 were killed by hostile fire, according to a Pentagon tally. The largest part of that combat death toll, 513, has come since President Bush's declaration on May 1 last year that major combat was over.

The Post opines that the deaths are indirectly being caused by Iraqis and foreign fighters who are "seeking to derail" the occupation. Duh.

I guess that with all the RNC Blastfax facilitation that the Post and other media outlets of the SCLM* kind have done since January 2001 it's hard to hold that mirror up to view themselves. I'm guessing about 842 pairs of Lost American eyes stare right back at the SCLM* whores everytime they look towards Iraq.

For the people who think I'm crazy to be as pissed at Bush as I am. Unfortunately, most of you have never served, let alone seen combat. If you would, you would be just as angry as I am over this waste of lives. I'm sick and tired of you people sitting back in your easy chairs, all happy about us 'kicking Arab ass'. If you knew what war was really about, you wouldn't be so gung ho for it, let alone one so unjustified. Time to stop watching Rambo reruns and take a look at the human wreckage in our VA hospitals, goddammit.

*SCLM = So Called Liberal Media


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