21 June 2004


One of the drawbacks to Mrs. F going away on business (aside from not having her to curl up with tonight) is that I have to cook for myself. Well, not really. I have to heat something up for myself; she did all the cooking on Saturday. The problem is that I'm a lazy bastid when it comes to food. Eating has never been a priority for me, although Mrs. F's cooking has brought it up quite a few notches. In years past, I would have gone to bed without eating dinner, knowing she'll be home tomorrow and I won't starve, or I would have just eaten some potato chips or some crap. Now I know there's barbecue chicken and steak in the fridge, and some of Mrs. F's homemade cucumber salad and potato salad. but I don't want to have to put it all together and heat up the meat. See, lazy. Makes the Mrs. nuts, but hey, I'd eat burgers for every meal if she'd let me. That makes her crazy too, because that's all I'll eat if she's gone for any length of time. Burgers and dogs, a meal in one pan and I can eat it off a paper towel without using utensils. Only one thing to wash. I guess my being lazy about washing dishes is directly proportional to my enthusiasm for cooking. Or heating stuff up as it were. Oh well, I'll think of something.

Anyway, I'm knocking off, although I might be on later if I'm laying in bed, surfing the Net with my pants around my ankles. I'll say goodnight now, however.

Pleasant dreams.

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