26 June 2004

I hate Lisa Myers

I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand this affected bitch, but Atrios over at Eschaton feels the same way. I lifted the whole thing 'cause it wasn't too long.

Myers on Moore

I didn't see it, but a couple have emailed/commented about Lisa Myers report on MSNBC complaining about Moore's movie, without really having any factual complaints. I'll try to TIVO it or track down a transcript (if anyone else finds a transcript let me know).

Of course, as a "journalist" Myers had committed worse sins than anyone sane has ever accused Moore of doing. Since David Bossie has been making the rounds whining about Moore's movie, too, this little Myers/Bossie flashback is a twofer.

You may remember that Bossie was fired from his job on Dan Burton's committee after he leaked doctored transcripts of recordings of Webster Hubbell's conversations in prison. The doctored transcripts implied serious wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, while the actual recordings didn't. At the time most of our stenographers dutifully wrote the stories up into print. On Nightline, strangely, they played the actual recordings while they put the doctored transcript on screen, apparently without noticing the differences.

Lisa Myers, however, beat them all - including Bossie. She had the tapes, and made some creative edits of her own!...

holden has a full description. Jeebus this is so weird. These people can't distnguish opinion from fact.

...skippy has more - part 1, part 2
part 3.

So, does she work for the RNC, or is she just a paid operative of Bush/Cheney '04? It seems that a number of supposed journalists need remedial ethics education. Either that, or Myers should seek a job at Fox News.

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