28 June 2004


Other peoples' kids generally don't impress me. Most just annoy the shit out of me, especially if I know their parents before I meet them. Most people tell you they have the next Einstein, or Perlman, or DiMaggio, and then I'm disappointed when I finally meet the little brats. Usually, they've had so much sunshine pumped up their asses that they actually believe it and they're also arrogant little bastids.

Yesterday, I had the honor and privelige of meeting two young people who knocked my socks off. Mrs. F's friend, who is in from Cincinnati, brought her 19 year old daughter and 16 year old son along. Not only are they two good looking kids, but they are poised and intelligent. They were truly young adults and, by the end of the day, it was difficult to see them as youngsters. I'm very impressed.

All the credit goes to their mother, who raised them alone while holding down a job. She is very proud of them and has every right to be. It gives me faith in the younger generation and hopefully, kids like these will be the world leaders of tomorrow. If they are, we will be in good hands.

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