30 June 2004


Yes, I am. I got Mrs. F's new laptop working with my home network, sort of. The IT nitwit where she works set it up like a desktop PC when she has to take it on the road with her. I made it work with my shit (she does a lot of work from home) and IT-boy can make it work around that. Fuck him, he's getting paid for it. Have a good evening.

Pleasant dreams.

Oh, and by the way, NASA does get something right once in a while:

PASADENA, Calif. - NASA’s Cassini probe is lined up for Wednesday night's pass through Saturn's rings, part of a maneuver that will put it in orbit after a seven-year, 2.2-billion-mile (3.5-billion-kilometer) trip.

Scientists hoping the spacecraft will encounter only galactic dust, instead of pea-sized rocks that could severely damage the craft. as it hurtles between the rings at 50,000 mph (about 22.5 kilometers per second).

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