20 June 2004

Barking Spiders

Via South Knox Bubba. Another choice in 2004, the National Barking Spider Resurgence Party.

From their Mission Statement:

We of the National Barking Spider Resurgence Party will not -- unlike our Democrap counterparts -- treat the rule of law like a used kleenex when it doesn't suit our objectives; and unlike our Republican't counterparts, will not legislate morality from the oft-hypocritical halls of Congress. We'll do it over Happy Hour at the local bowling alley, where everyday rationale and morality is more likely to be found. And unlike the myriad of fractionalized third parties, we won't propose totally impractical, moonbeamish programs, such as a world without cars or flushing toilets, 100% taxation on income above $107,000, etc.

We will look at global warming as a threat to the world ice cream supply, however. No price is too high when such threats arise.

Anybody who makes policy over drinks is for me!

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