20 June 2004


This is an email sent to yankeedoodle at Today in Iraq.

Monkey Mail!

From: xxxx@rjia.net
To: yankeedoodle@gmail.com

Subject: you need to put our country down

It would seem to me that you should live elsewhere. This is our country, our President and our code of living standards. If you do not like it....leave it. Our president needs us now and it is really like a spiritual war. We will win, but whose side will you end up on? Those people come over here, use our resources, thanks to people like you, get an education and turn it against us. You apparently are so busy kissing foreign butt that you can't see that will be your permanent job in hell. Learn to defend what you have. They came over here with their ideas of grandiosity and now, they and their tribes are going to reap the benefit of some good ol American kick-butt.

Have I mentioned that I've had it with these fucking Jesus freaks? I might be classified as part of the 'East Coast Intelligensia' (intelligensia, ha!), but Jesus H. Christ! Read what I said about Biblical Literalists. I had one of them tell me once, that if you killed a snake and burned it afterward, you would see the Devil in the smoke. And you wonder why the East Coast Liberals call you morons?

Update 10:55: See what Anna Quindlen has to say on this subject here. She has a calmer disposition and writes far more eloquently than I can without cursing or calling people names.

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