08 June 2004

God and Country

I've been reading too much lately about how God has infiltrated the government. Every Republican politician I hear (unfortunately McCain and other similar voices are drowned out, and you won't hear that Jesus shit from a New York Republican) has declared his love for Jesus and expounds on the part God and Jesus play in their decision making processes. Now, I don't have a problem with anyone of great faith but goddammit, this is getting way out of hand.

How can supposedly intelligent people become Biblical Literalists? Do folks who go through countless years of college, lean about life sciences, quantum physics, and the rest of the curriculum, suddenly disavow all they've learned and put their faith in a literal interpretation of the Bible? Look at that nut in Alabama, Judge Roy Moore and his 10 Commandments monument in the courthouse. This guy is like the biggest judge in the state, shit, he must be an educated man, and he talks like he takes the Bible as literal fact, verbatim. Remember that dickhead Jerry Falwell saying that 9/11 was God's punishment for us being decadent? Jerry, let me show you Fixer-man's punishment for being an asshole, you motherfucker.

Now, I'm a big supporter of the 10 Commandments, good rules to live by, but Jesus H. Christ, do you really think the entity that created the vastness of the Universe cares if I'm fucking my neighbor's wife? I don't because I'm a faithful husband and I love my wife more than anything in the world, not because I'm afraid of going to Hell.

We are in the beginning of the 21st Century, people. Hello, McFly! How can you interpret something literally when it was written at a time where running water was science fiction? Why do you think these books, the Bible, the Koran, etc. were written when they were? Why do you think there are all these rules against certain types of food and certain types of sex? Because it offended God? I doubt that. I'm pretty sure that a bunch of smart guys at the time figured out that sodomy was an easy way to transmit deadly disease (venerial diseases, hepatitis that sort of shit), and they knew certain foods carried disease as well. Do you think they could go before the masses and say, 'using scientific principles, I have determined that something too small to see is making you sick from this type of activity or eating this type of food'? They would probably have been killed out of hand. Instead, they say 'the Lord High Holy Person in the Sky spoke to me and said he would strike you down blah, blah, blah' because people would believe it far more readily. I mean really, with the evolution of society since those books were written, why hasn't God showed up? Why hasn't he said 'well boys, you've grown since my last visit and here's the new Bible, 10 Commandments, whatever, updated for the modern world'? Or, 'hey, you assholes were wrong, you fucked up and went against my will, Rapture time!'

Whose standard do we use for God's will? The Popes of the Middle Ages? Our values now? If I'm to be judged to get into Heaven, let me know the standard I'm being judged against. Does it disqualify me because I didn't kill Heathens in His name. (I've killed a couple Communists, do they count?) Hello, McFly, we've evolved! Remember the Rennaissance? Do you Fundies want us to go back to that the way the Islamists have?

We have medicine; cures, vaccines, and techniques evolving daily, and we have technology. We can do and see things now that required a leap of faith 2 milennia ago. I love this bunch in charge who say the Islamic Fundamentalists want to return to the 12th Century. So do the Christian Fundamentalists in this country.

They turn their backs on science, except when it comes to building weapons or making a buck from it, and see everything they do as some sort of Crusade, always with Divine inspiration. I'm pretty sure the Catholic Chruch outgrew that phase a couple centuries ago. Not that I'm fond of the Pope and Catholicism Inc., but they used to do their own dirty work when it came to killing Moslems, onward Christian soldiers and all that. These fucking Protestants who've suborned the United States and it's children to fight in their Crusade have just as much blood on their hands as the Imperial Popes and the Fundamentalist Islamists.

It's time to ensure the true separation of church and state. Any nitwit politician who says 'I'm doing this in God's name' should be jailed. And I'll be damed if I put up with one who talks about faith-based initiatives. My tax money better not go to anything faith-based, espcially not some born again Fundamentalist bullshit. God is good, in your personal life, but don't expect me to agree with your version of God and you'd better not try and ram it down my throat because I'll put my foot up your ass. This is America, goddammit.

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