20 June 2004

9/11 Hearings

Been killing time before the race and watching the 9/11 Commission special on MSNBC. I'm sure they'll rerun the hell out of it, so look for when it's on again and watch it. It's a good recap of the hearings that have stretched over such a long time period.

From Richard Ben-Veniste, Commission member on VP Cheney's insistence on the Saddam-Al Qaeda connection, even though 9/11 Commission found none. "If the Vice President has this information, he should make it known to the Commission."

I guess Cheney has himself convinced, but he's beginning to look like a mental patient as he flies in the face of all the evidence. I wish his pacemaker would short out.

Via Glen at A Brooklyn Bridge:

Happily, in addition to the Times, the Commission is also calling Cheney's bluff: show us the proof. Rather elegantly, by means of his own mouth, Dick has put himself in awkward position. Either he and George withheld critical information from the commission, further eroding their credibility (wouldn't that be a surprise?), or they're lying now (same note). And a word of advice, guys: if you do "suddenly" find some proofs lying around [sic], do us the courtesy of making sure the ink is dry. (That means exactly what you think it does.)

Read it all here.

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