20 June 2004


Uh, boys, uh, I know you know all about engines and shit, and while I'm not a NASCAR-type crewchief, I have built my share of race motors over the past 30 years. Listen to me. You cannot run a conventional V-8 at close to ten thousand rpm for an extended period and expect it to last. Hello, McFly!

Conventional valvetrains can't keep up with the increased rpm and eventually something up there fails (lifter, valvespring, rocker arm). It seems that seasoned veterans in the pits and the managers of the engine programs at all the big shops forgot that this week. Three quarters of the way through the Michigan race and they're dropping like flies. Until NASCAR approves the use of overhead cam cylinder heads, better to keep the rpms closer to nine thousand than ten thousand. Silly boys.

The one bright side is that a Penske car (Ryan Newman) won. Don't ask about Rusty Wallace. Seems his engine succumbed to over-rpm too. His season's essentially over. As my parents used to say about the Brooklyn Dodgers, wait until next year.

Now I'm really done

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