29 June 2004


From Kicking Ass:

We've got questions if Bush has answers

According to an Washington correspondent who recently interviewed Bush, the White House has made it a policy to only answer questions that have been previously submitted in writing.

Irish reporter Carol Coleman talked about the White House Q&A policy (RealPlayer) saying, "The policy of the White House is that you submit your questions in advance. So they had my questions for about three days."

Now that we know the protocol, the DNC would be more than happy to submit several questions to the President. If we had known sooner that we simply needed to submit them ahead of time, we may have had answers to the plethora of questions George W. Bush has left unanswered. We're busy working on our list for Bush (Where are all the jobs you promised? Where are the WMDs in Iraq?), but we know there are so many more out there. So post your own questions here.

Go here to see what people submitted.

My deal is that we're supposed to have a FREE press. But heaven forbid, President C-minus think on his feet or be thrown a curve. He'd probably curl up in the fetal position and suck his thumb. Fucking moron.

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