20 June 2004

It wasn't me

Once again, no one in the Administration takes responsibility for their actions. After getting a free pass from the press for the past three years, Cheney turned on them this week after the 9/11 Commission reported that there was absolutely no connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda.

Democratic Veteran has a good take on it:

If the press had done their jobs four years ago, Dick, you'd still be picking lint out of your AssCrack at PNAC and Preznit Lethal Incarceration would still be executing his fellow Texans at sadistically incredible rates. So you know, maybe it's a good thing that the major editorial pages are finally coming around to their own Mea Culpa's over supporting the Mess in Mesopotamia; it just makes you look like what you are: A Lying Cowardly Chickenhawk Chickenshit. Maximus.

Read the whole thing here.

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