21 June 2004

Thanks for your help, motherfuckers

I never believed we should be in Iraq in the first place, but since we are, I'd like the outcome to be as good as possible. Well, it seems that the Israelis are running their own operations, independent of U.S. oversight, in the Kurdish-controlled areas of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. They are helping the Kurds, but their involvement isn't helping to bring the different ethnicities in Iraq together under one government.

Via Corrente and Seymour Hersh.

By supporting Kurdish separatists, Israel also risks alienating its Turkish ally and undermining attempts to create a stable Iraq. "If you end up with a divided Iraq it will bring more blood, tears and pain to the Middle East and you will be blamed," a senior Turkish official told Mr Hersh.

Read it all here.

Mrs. F heading to Jersey this afternoon so I'll be without adult supervision tonight. Party at my house, provided everybody's out by 8 so I can go to sleep. Ha! I'm getting old. Well, time to empty the dog and head out. I wonder how many people broke their shit this weekend. Have a good day!

Off to the mines.

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