21 June 2004

Now this is important

MSNBC Breaking News

Private manned space mission is successful -
The first privately funded space mission soared 62 miles above the earth Monday.

MOJAVE, Calif. - With a triumphant thumbs-up and a broad grin, the pilot of the SpaceShipOne rocket plane celebrated becoming the first private-sector astronaut to steer his ship into space.

Go read the whole thing here. Privatization of space is a must for humanity to develop. NASA has dropped the ball along time ago, turned into a top-heavy, meandering bureaucracy. It is human nature to break the bonds which stagnate us and space is the next frontier, just as crossing the oceans and the continents were centuries ago. Hopefully, the Ruttan boys and others can get us up there before I'm too old. Congratulations, fellas.

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