21 June 2004

How dare he

Stolen from Jesus' General:

Klinton dishonors Our Leader

Like many of you, I watched Klinton's disgraceful acceptance of responsibility for the Lewinsky Scandal last night on 60 Minutes. He did not try to lie his way out of it or blame it on an underling. It's as if he believes that it's acceptable for a President to admit to making mistakes.

If Our Leader had been in Klinton's position, he'd have done the honorable thing and blamed the White House cigar provisioner. He'd do so with the knowledge that today, Rush would back him up by railing against tobacconists, O'Reilly would be calling for a boycott of wrapper leaf from the Dominican Republic, and Coulter would have killed some elderly Cuban cigar roller in Tampa with a homemade shiv. By next week, no patriotic American would dare voice the slightest doubt about presidential infallibility. That's Bush Era leadership--the kind of leadership we missed during the Klinton years.

Yes, how dare that sex addict [sic] take the moral high ground. Ha!

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