28 March 2007

"A bike that could turn an abstinent Catholic schoolgirl into a nymphomaniac!"

LATimes. Video.

THE Ducati 1098 S is so slick, so fast, so Elite Model beautiful that saints with sinner inclinations should beware.

Ducati's new red-hot superbike is trouble.

For the single month the 1098 S has been available to media, about half of the press fleet has been dented or crashed. [...]

During the two days I had the bike, I didn't find much occasion to go slow, aside from the time I was stuck behind a beat-up pickup truck on my first run through Azusa Canyon. Being forced to go slow behind that pickup was probably a good intro to the 1098 S. One twist of the grip in a straightaway and I was practically teleported into the upcoming turn. It's that fast and flawless on the accel. As I rode up and down Azusa Canyon, then up and down it again, and again and again until my gas light flickered on and a fleet of cops sped by with what appeared to be dollar signs reflecting in their sunglasses, I was alternately shocked and euphoric at the bike's power and grace.

"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" has never seemed less relevant. [...]

Probably the least practical bike on the planet, but this sled ain't about practical, folks. It's all about state-of-the-art blinding red Italian sex!

Mamma Mia!

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