25 May 2004

Your Parts vs. My Parts

Man, don't go buying parts in order to save a buck and expect me to put them on for you. Harry had to deal with this today and it took him 20 minutes to get it through the guy's head. We're a small shop:

Indian-Technical Genius
Almost Dead Ed-Office Bitch**
Me-Technical Genius #2

That's it, us and 2 bays, one (thanks to the New York State Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program) holds a dyno. Shit we do has to be coordinated around vehicle inspections. We don't deal in volume, a quality vs. quantity thing, we deal in good work done right the first time and we make our money on labor and the markup we get on parts. You bring your own parts, we're losing money. Green is the primary reason I don't want you bringing your parts for us to put on.

Secondary is warranty considerations. What if one of those parts is defective? Are you going to bring your car to me so I can remove said defective part? Are you then going to take said defective part back to where you got it without your car running because said part isn't installed, or am I supposed to go through that hassle for you? If you expect me to, where the hell am I supposed to recoup the time lost as I run around for a fucking hour or two? You? I don't think so or you wouldn't have brought me these cheap fucking piece of shit parts to install.

Next, do your crap parts even fit? Did the spooge at No Name Auto Parts give you the right shit to begin with? I guess, since you dropped off your car this morning and expect it this evening, you expect me to go to No Name and choke the spooge until he does give me the right shit. No shit, you cheap prick.

And lastly, who's doing my work while I'm running around? Certainly not you or you'd be doing this shit yourself and I wouldn't have to be bothered with your cheap piece of shit car in the first place.

I feel better now.

*Head Motherfucker In Charge
** Ed's on the Disabled List. Read this to find out why.

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