31 May 2004


Remember what I said about the Nazis and how they were able to manipulate public opinion so well? Well the Bush League tried to do the same thing in Iraq, but the Coalition Provisional Authority isn't half as good as Goebbels and his spin machine.

Moktada al-Sadr, the radical clecric who's stirring up all the shit in Najaf and Karbala was supposed to have been assassinated. But, as Bill over at Whiskey Bar points out, the CPA (or Bush-Cheney '04 on the Tigris) hasn't gotten a grasp of cause and effect relationships. You're supposed to release the official explanation of al-Sadr's death after you kill him.

The fliers appeared to have been made by Iraq's Justice Ministry or its allies to be handed out in case Iraqi policemen killed Mr. Sadr. Somehow, they were distributed prematurely.

Al-Sadr is still alive and well because . . . well, we can't kill him now, can we? I think these guys watched too much TV growing up. This Iraq fiasco reads like a low budget thriller. Read Bill's treatise here. These fucking guys are rank amateurs. If you're going to assassinate someone, act as surprised as everyone else when it happens. Don't go making up fucking press releases before you do it! Excessive documentation sank the Nazis at the Nuremburg trials and it will sink President Iceberg-right-ahead's ship in November. Dickheads.

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