29 May 2004

The more I think about it

Washing dishes is theraputic for me. It allows my small mind to wander while doing something mundane with my hands. (Didn't I tell you to get your mind out of the gutter?) Just got done cleaning the kitchen for Mrs. F so she can cook me something really outrageous today when she gets back from shopping.

Anyway, I was thinking, why not split Iraq into three states loosely bound under a centralized government? I realize the disparity as to the oil reserves under Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), Sunnistan (The 'Sunni Triangle'), and Shi'astan (Southern Iraq), maybe we could gerrymander the areas (we're actually good at that, look what the GOP did in Texas) a bit to even out the oil revenue, but what else is there for the rest of them to fight over aside from revenue? Religion.

Boom, there you go. Split the country up along religio-ethnic lines, each state bearing some allegiance to Baghdad, and paying tribute as well. Fuck what Turkey wants with regard to the Kurds, Fuck what we want, worrrying about Shi'astan becoming a province of Iran. It would solve a big problem looming in a month. Who do we turn Iraq over to? It would also show the Islamic world that we actually do want to give Iraq independence. Yep, the more I think about it, the more I like the 3-state solution under a central government in Baghdad.

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