26 May 2004

So, they're expecting another attack

Democratic Veteran has something to say about the increased terror risk as we go into the summer. This is especially worrisome for us in the NY Metro area because we're hosting the Nazi Party rally er . . . Republican Convention this year. It's even more worrisome to me because Mrs. Fixer's office overlooks Ground Zero (Top floor of the Merrill Lynch Building, the one with the dome). 9/11 was not the best day for us, though she made it out safe and sound, quite a number of friends and acquaintences didn't.

Thanks to President Draft-Dodger, New York City has been screwed out of millions in 9/11 funds earmarked for first responders. Could it be that NYC votes overwhelmingly Democratic? Explain to me, President I-take-care-of-my-campaign-contributors, how NYC gets less 9/11 money per person than Zanesville, Ohio? (No disrespect to Ohio, we have quite a few wonderful friends there, but where do you think Osama has his sights?) Is that because you need to carry Ohio in order to win in November? You rat bastid!

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