31 May 2004

Campaign Rhetoric

Melanie over at Just a Bump in the Beltway makes a point about Bush/Cheney '04's unprecedented use of misleading and untrue campaign rhetoric in their ads bashing John Kerry.

My personal take on it is this: Most folks who aren't tuned in to politics barely notice campaign ads this far ahead of the election. Those who would have their minds made up now would probably have voted for Bush anyway. Let us not forget, the Republican convention is 3 months away and the election is 5 months away. Bush can go on and on with untruths about Kerry from now until then, but if the situation in Iraq keeps spiraling downward (we'll see what happens after the handover at the end of the month), and more of the Republicans' shady dealings come to light, Bush will look like a guilty man protesting too much. Many folks bitch about Kerry not doing enough to respond to the Bush/Cheney bullshit, but I agree with this strategy. Whether coincidentally or purposefully, Kerry is giving Bush enough rope to hang himself and letting him run with it. One day soon, that rope is going to jerk tight around President Nitwit's neck.

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