30 May 2004

Nancy on Tim 2

My first take was that it's nice to see a level-headed argument against President No-Show's policies in Iraq. Unlike me, who resorts to profanity and ranting to make my point.

Personally, I like women in positions of power. I like smart, capable women, like Mrs. Fixer. She's not with me because she needs a man to make her life whole, she wants me in her life and could have done just as well without me. At times like these, when I think about women like Rep. Pelosi, Senator Clinton (D-NY), and Mrs. F, I fantasize about what this country would be like with level-headed, competent women at the helm. Like a Hillary/Nancy ticket in 2012? I nominate Mrs. F for Treasury Secretary or Commerce Secretary. I'm aroused just thinking about it. Do you think the Georgetown Wives Club is ready for me?

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